Kembo Tom

Posted by on Mar 31, 2014 in The Team


Kembo Tom is a creative partner in Village Entertainment.  Kembo is Co‐Founder & Chief Creative Officer of GTM Inc. As Chief Creative Officer, Kembo creates and develops creative marketing and advertising programs that engage local, national, and international audiences. Kembo is also Executive Producer & Co-Creator / Co-Director on previous seasons of “Master of the Mix”. Through creativity and the ability to identify youth sub-cultures, Kembo has created success for a number of GTM’s marketing clients, including truth, Smirnoff, TAG Body Spray, Current TV, Verizon & Nissan North America just to name a few. Kembo’s strength lies in his creativity and ability to identify with youth sub‐cultures, while harnessing the positive power of diversity. While visiting several international ports to further his cultural understanding Kembo continues to seek out and explore the differences and celebrate the similarities, in us all.